Matt was a great help to me! Over the years I have had a lot of different treatments, Matt's approach was very effective and painless.  Also it is one of the only treatments that actually works on going
and very importantly rather than fixing the symptoms it gets to the root of the problem i would highly recommend it ! Regards Grish

Grishka Roberts 2 x European surfing champion

Skin problems / Insomnia

After suffering with a debilitating skin complaint for 2 years which left me unable to sleep, having to use ice packs under the sleeves of my clothes, I felt desperate as I had exhausted all NHS treatments from my GP and the skin specialist. In January 2012 I decided to visit Physiome and after five visits I am happy to say that I can wear jumpers and warm clothing again...without the ice packs and most importantly I sleep. Mat used two types of treatment on me and the complaint is now sucessfully managed thank you so much Mat!


Pain & Digestion

I would thoroughly recommend the physiotherapy and holistic therapies given by Matt East.  From my initial appointment in November 2013 up to the present May 2014 I have made steady and significant progress.  Originally prescribed antibiotics for severe right leg pain in June 2013, then having to wait 3 weeks for my first physiotherapy NHS appointment (the NHS limited physiotherapy course had no effect whatsoever).  I was eventually referred for an MRI scan in October 2013.

By this stage I was taking strong painkillers (11 per day) and could only walk limited distances with a stick due to severe back and constant right leg pain.  The MRI scan revealed problems with 2 discs at the base of the spine and I was referred for an operation (3-4 months wait) or spinal injections, neither of which was guaranteed to cure the problem long term.  

Matt was recommended to me through a neighbour.  His sympathetic and thorough approach to my problem was entirely different.  It involved considering not only the physical aspect (physiotherapy) but also mental and emotional wellbeing of the patient through holistic therapy to get to the root of the problem.  His recommended changes in diet have led to significant weight reduction which helps the spine and my digestion has improved.

As of May 2014, I have not had any operations or injections, my posture has been corrected, I no longer need a stick or painkillers.  The severe pain in my back has disappeared, my right leg is much better, I sleep all night and I can walk normally again.  Thank you Matt


Bladder problem & Pain

Thank you thank you thank you!! 
I came to Matt for treatment of a recurring neck & and back problem after a friend recommended him.  After 3 sessions not only did he fix my neck and back he also managed to help my chronic bladder problem which I have had for 5 years since my daughter was born and was only managed albeit poorly by taking continuous low dose anti-biotics.  I am now off the tablets and it is managed by occasional visits to Matt


Cancer & Pain

I required a hysterectomy upon the discovery of cervical cancer of which after the op I had complications in my left leg.  For a while I could not move it and needed physiotherapy to do so.  For 2 years I dealt with numbness, tingling, heaviness and a constant throb which heightened as the day progressed.
Later MRI scans revealed I had fluid on my pelvis and groin which they determined was lymph oedema.  I was given medication to control the pain so that my fluid could be managed through drainage and massage techniques.
These methods have helped although the constant pain in my groin was not becoming any less and was still badly affecting my everyday life, kids, work, so it was suggested I try holistic therapy, which if i'm honest thought what can that do!!

My first session surprised me, through simple gentle touches of several areas on my body I felt emotions I didn't feel possible from this, I felt tingly, lighter almost a floating motion, gained a metalic taste in my mouth just surges of warmth going right through me, giddiness but most importantly I felt calm and relaxed.  Further sessions had similar reactions but I did have a 'hit by a bus' feeling after one session which is to be expected as your body is re-adjusting itself.  I have had 4 sessions up to now and my quality of life has improved immensely.  The constant pain in my groin has ceased completely.  I can play with my 3 year old and sit on the floor to do so.  Before this was never an option, I have even taken back some of my hours at work .

Holistic therapy is changing my life and has made me re-think that my lifetime condition can be controlled by me and I fully recommend this treatment to anyone who is a non-believer as I was one of them.



Matt really helped my sciatica, I received treatment from an NHS physio twice and unfortunately the pain seemed to be getting worse.  After only one relaxing session with Matt where I nearly fell asleep, the next day my pain was 80% better!  After 3 sessions I don't experience any pain during the day anymore , what more can I say but THANKS


Ulcerative colitis

I have until recently suffered from chronic ulcerative colitis, a bowel condition which is quite debilitating and for me an annual occurrence.  I have been a sufferer since 2004 and over successive years my illness  has increased from one week to approximately four months.  I won't describe the symptoms as these are readily accessible online, but will discuss that the only treatment which controls the symptoms are high dose oral steroids.  Great news! However as my symptoms have worsened, the episodes have lengthened and as a result so have the course of steroids I have had to take.  The steroids work but are not the solution as the side effects are horrendous and I am unable to take more than one course in a year and after a short break from the drugs my colitis returned.  My consultant has tried two immunosuppresants one which gave me pancreatitis and was recommending surgery.  I convinced him to prescribe one more course of steroids.  After completing the steroids I had 6 sessions of Bowen therapy from Matt.  I have been completely well for a year now and my symptoms have not returned.  This is the best health I have been in for years and I am long overdue an episode of colitis.  My consultant can't believe my remission and doesn't want to see me for 9 months.  Am I cured? Who knows at the first sign of a relapse I am going to see Matt first before the pills.  All this aside the treatment is very relaxing and a welcome time out from being constantly on the go.  Best wishes and get well soon,